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Top 6 Things To Do In Cuba

Top 6 Things To Do In Cuba

Cuba is a country that includes the island of Cuba, Isla de la Juventud, and some minor archipelagos. It is officially called the Republic of Cuba and is interestingly at the point where the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic Ocean meet.
Traveling to Cuba is becoming more accessible but may also get confusing when you don’t have specific activities in mind. Cuba is a vast country with unique places. So, you may not know where to begin if you don’t have a game plan.
Think beautiful beaches, vintage cars, cigars, antique buildings etc. While there may be no casinos to visit because Cuba legally has no gambling, you can still get the best online roulette at  Casimba.
Let’s explore Cuba!
 1. Take A Walk On The Streets Of Havana
The streets of Havana have authentic and historically pleasing architecture. From peeling houses and Andalusian-style arcades lining the roads to old soukous rumba pubs, that must have seen many tequila shots. There are squares and churches, different plazas, and old-style palaces. While visiting the tower over the canals, one can still see canon holes that may have been there since the 17th and 18th century.
2. Rodeo And Bull Riding
Rodeo in Cuba dates to when the Spaniards introduced cowboy and rodeo traditions following the colonization. A tobacco tour through the tobacco fields may provide an opportunity for you to either ride a horse, a bull, or a carriage; it might be nice to try them all.
3. Explore The World Of Cuban Cigars
You can see Cuban cigars almost everywhere in Cuba. You could buy on the streets at very low prices, but some of the best ones are gotten from the tobacco farms. Depending on why you want the cigars, the affordable ones are better if you’re looking to just take pictures, and the ones from the tobacco farm are the best if you’re looking to smoke cigars with excellent quality.
4. Swim In A Cenote
Cenotes were initially thought to have been formed by the meteor that made dinosaurs extinct. However, they are underwater sinkholes that are seen after the cave roof of a limestone bedrock collapses. These cool water bodies in Cuba are a great place to swim, relax and enjoy nature.
5. Hike The Sierra Maestra
Often called the mighty Sierra Maestra, these beautiful hills are the anchor of the Cuban arc. The hills became famous in the 50s, as revolutionaries went through that path. It is in the southern part of Cuba and can be seen to flow into the Caribbean Sea. With lots of trekking guides in Bayamo – a nearby city, it’s now an excellent location for hiking, sightseeing, and birdwatching.
6. Go Dancing!
Music and dancing are part of the Cuban culture, so it’s not surprising that they love to dance. Some bars in Havana may have live music and people dancing on the streets. However, the Tropicana Club has nightly cabaret shows that have been a thing since the 1930s. Still like the old times, the club holds must-see dance shows, with showgirls in sequins and peacock feather costumes.
Revolutions may have done affected this beautiful country, but history is still very alive. Cuba is a lovely blend of then and now, without any drastic distinction.

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