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Top Luxury Travel Destinations in Europe

Top Luxury Travel Destinations in Europe

Earlier, planning a luxury holiday destination usually meant travelling to far-off places, spending hours on flights, and hating every second of the trip. Over the past two decades, Europe has developed some fabulous luxury destinations. For people living in the UK, the chance to take a luxury holiday increased substantially with the development and maintenance of some of these locations.

It is pretty easy to travel from the UK to any of the locations in Europe. However, it is best to speak to professional immigration solicitors in London regarding overseas travel and documentation. There are many cases when tourists prefer extending their stay in other countries to live or work. In these cases, getting a valid visa, extensions, and stampings can get tricky without the correct paperwork. Even if you are not planning to stay or work, it is best to ensure no additional documents are needed.

Without further ado, let us look at the top luxury destinations in Europe for your next holiday.

Monte Carlo, the capital of Monaco, has long been known as one of the most luxurious, expensive destinations to travel to in Europe. Home to some of the world’s best casinos and tracks, Monte Carlo is where royalty goes to have a good time.

You can easily travel to Monaco from the UK, with several airlines opening up numerous connecting flights. Monte Carlo is one of those places where you can experience dripping luxury – from cruises, late-night parties, and expensive champagne to historic buildings, gorgeous ports, and colourful lights. Monaco is especially excellent for photographers at night-time.
Lake Como, Italy:

Lake Como in Italy is another luxury travel destination. Not too far from the UK, you can plan a stay at Lake Como while planning to see the other marvels in Italy. Lake Como sees many international celebrities celebrating their private parties around the many gorgeous chalets around Lake Como. Lake Como is also well-known for hosting grand weddings and reception parties.

Apart from the extravagance and luxury of the place, Lake Como is home to the destination wedding brigade and is also considered a luxury wedding destination spot. You can also spot honeymooners on cruises or having candle-light dinners along the lakeshore when in Lake Como.
French Riviera:

The French Riviera, along the Mediterranean Coast, is another feather in Europe’s cap. The French Riviera has been a long-standing luxury destination and has been featured in countless Hollywood movies over the years. Apart from the star-struck quality, the French Riviera is also known to be the holiday home destination to Europe’s many royal families.

The food, accommodation, and transport options fall under some of the more refined categories, with a presentation like those on famous culinary and travel TV series. You can visit the many pavement cafes for some delicious coffee and soak up the sun at the beautiful beaches.
Brussels, Belgium:

Brussels is a luxury destination that also offers comfort. The shopping arcades in Brussels are filled with some of the world’s best chocolatiers like Godiva, Neuhaus, Leonidas, and Marcolini. It would be best if you also stopped off at the Maison Dandoy – a fine tea room. You should take a walk along the historic Brussels city centre, and ensure you visit sights like the Palace of Justice, Grand Palace, the Royal Palace, and Mont des Arts.

Apart from sightseeing, you can also visit the La Quincaillerie for a unique dinner experience and try some champagne and oysters as an entrée. There are several exquisite eateries and restaurants in Brussels for people with all palates.

Malta is a hidden gem that is usually known only by a few. Situated approximately 90 kilometres south of Sicily, Malta has an air of extravagance mixed with an old-world charm. You can see everything from large yachts to private boats, with parties happening on the sea each night. The coastal regions of Valletta are known for their urbanisation. However, if you want to experience some old-fashioned traditional styles, you should visit the quiet villages and enjoy the local cuisines.

Malta is known for its fabulous food and nightlife. Some of the best restaurants have a massive collection of seafood. Malta has several high-end luxury hotels that can harbour big boats (if you are travelling by sea).
Apart from these destinations, some other luxury places around Europe that you can visit are Tuscany, Loire Valley in France, Sardinia in Italy, Switzerland, Dalmatian Coast in Croatia, and more. When travelling, you should try to book your tickets in advance for reasonable rates and ensure that you have all the paperwork and documentation ready to enjoy a great trip. 

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