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Ultimate Ski Equipment Guide 2020

Ultimate Ski Equipment Guide 2020

For the upcoming ski season, you need the best latest ski gear you can find. Whether skiing in Queenstown or heading to the powdery slopes of Japan this season, you need the ultimate Gear of the Year to truly discern which brands deserve your attention. 

Check out this incredible list of high end gear absolutely worth the hype. From ski boots to skis, we have got you covered.
This year the Salomon S/PRO innovative ski boot wins the battle for top ski boots this year. With noticeable improvements in overall performance and superior turn initiation, you will enjoy the incredible state-of-the-art technology and design. The Salomon S/PRO conforms to your foot, with a special head-moldable shell and liner. Enjoy quick and easy fit.
For skiers interested in superior downhill performance, look no further than the Atomic Backland Carbon ski boots. The boot feels like a hiking shoe when going uphill. Wash the liners in a standard washing machine. Truly enjoy the slopes at the best ski resorts in Australia and beyond with these incredible boots.
We compared a number of skies and came up with a list of top performing skis for this season:

  • Men’s Ski Fischer RC one 86 GT
  • Women’s Ski Head Kore 99 W
  • Backcountry Ski – Blizzard Zero G 95
These three skis outperformed all the rest. The Fischer RC One 86 GT ski integrates a lightweight scrim to reduce the overall swing weight. Increases quickness. Made for high speeds, balance, and stability, the Fischer RC One 86 GT Ski can be used by advanced and intermedia skiers alike on a variety of difficult terrains.
The brand new Kore 99 W provides a lightweight feel with the strength of a good backbone. The honeycombed shaped Koroyd adds flexibility and elasticity. They skis are incredible responsive but still feel light. For skiers on harder snow, check out the Kore 93 W instead.
The Blizzard Zero G 95 skis have a fair amount of speed. Take on corn or powder with these adaptable skis. Experience optimized smearing capabilities. These skis have some of the best torsional rigidity.
Not everyone on the slopes is an expert. The Rossignol Experience 76 CI w/Xpress 10 Bindings has innovation and technology adapted to beginning skiers. The skis allow for a low weight, easy-to-manage width, and very smooth turn initiation. While you might only use these skis for one season, they are well worth the affordable price. TheRossignol Experience 76 skies may cost more than other lower end beginning skis, but these skis will provide you with the performance and stability that you need to enjoy the slopes.
Other skies with good performance include theElan Element, Atomic Vantage 86 C, Head V Shape V4, and the Line Sick Day 88. These have lower overall cost but still provide good performance for beginners and intermedia skiers. While not as innovative and smooth as the Rossignol Experience 76 skis, you can enjoy a smooth day on the slopes with these reliable skis.

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