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Why is Turkey the best destination for tourists?

Why is Turkey the best destination for tourists?

 The tourism industry is one of the most promising industries in the country and it is contributing around 7.7% of the total Gross Domestic Production. Turkey tourist visa has been made easy for tourists around the world. The tourists from Europe and the USA can visit the country, without any visa for 30 days, they only need to provide the permanent residential address of their countries. 

In 2018 a staggering number of 45.8 million tourists visited the country and it would be quite amazing for the readers. The main reason for this influx is the historical perspective of Turkey. You can also get Turkish visas online, which is quite convenient for tourists around the world. You can say that it is quite convenient for tourists around the world to get the Turkish evisa. 

The  Turkish tourist visa is not required for the tourists coming from the cruise ships, as they can visit the country for 3 days, without any visa requirements. The tourists can travel to Turkey by road and by cruise ships as the country is connected to Europe and it’s quite convenient for them to travel by road to the country.

We are discussing, why Turkey is the number one destination for the tourist around the world:

The European Tourists and the Turkey:

The Turkey tourist visa has been relaxed so much that you only need the permanent resident address of your country to visit Turkey. The European tourists find Turkey as an attractive place, as it was the center of the great Byzantine Empire. You can find many Christian monuments of the Byzantine era, you can say the Aye Sofia is one of the most attractive places for tourists from Europe to visit. It was built in the sixth century and is still in the best condition. 

The City of the Istambul was the capital of the Christian empire, at that time it was known as the Contistinpile. The Turkish visas online is an attractive document for Christian tourists from Europe, as they want to visit the historical places of the Byzantine empire. You can say it was the most dominant Christain dominion ever, on the face of the Earth.

The Muslim tourists and Turkey:

The Muslim tourists have their special attraction to Turkey, as the Turkey tourist visa can be easily available for them. They want to see the historical palaces of the Ottoman empire. The Ottomans dynasty lasted for over 600 years, there are many places like the Topakai palace, The Aya Sofia, The Blue Mosque, and the city of Itumbol is a special attraction for them. You can see many tourists coming from Muslim countries here in Turkey. 

Muslims think the Ottman’s era was the golden era of their history as the Empire had captured many European countries, and spread across 3 continents. It was one of the largest Muslim empires ever, and it had the strongest force in its time. There are many monuments and historical places of that time, these historical places are well maintained by the Turkish government.

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