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Los Angeles Bride Launches Wellness, Self-Care Bridal Brand

Los Angeles Bride Launches Wellness, Self-Care Bridal Brand

Kerry O'Donoghue, an identical triplet and entrepreneur living in Southern California, has officially launched a new wellness and self-care brand for brides, The Mine Company. Following a toxic wedding planning experience involving her family, coupled with delays due to the pandemic, O'Donoghue felt the stress of being a bride rose to a whole new level. Her own hostile experience and bouts of malicious bullying from her sisters led O'Donoghue to design a set of self-care products to uplift a bride's mind, body, and spirit. Today, over five thousand brides have had brighter days in their engagement through The Mine Company's line of bridal wellness products.

"My own personal situation with my family left me feeling very unsupported. However, this negative experience truly inspired me to do something that could help and support another bride in having the idyllic engagement they should be experiencing," says O'Donoghue, Founder of The Mine Company. "Bringing change to the wedding industry is more imperative now than ever. Brides need proper wellness in their lives, and it all starts with self-care."

The Mine Company offers a variety of natural and non-toxic beauty, self-care, and nutritional products. Key products include Crystal Clear Carats, a natural on-the-go ring cleaning pen, Bridal Glow Vitamins, daily gummy vitamins to support stronger hair, skin, and nails, and Bouquet Toss, a moisturizing rose petal bath bomb. Brides can experience all of The Mine Company's top bridal wellness products with a purchase of their newly launched Bridal Self-Care Box. O'Donoghue also offers complimentary handwritten gift messages with every gift purchase. 

"Self-care is not always a physical practice; it is an emotional one that is necessary for brides to transition into the next stage of their life with their head held high," said O'Donoghue. "For me, self-care meant setting boundaries. My advice to brides is to remember to focus on yourself and be your own cheerleader, and you will be glowing when you finally have your day to walk down the aisle."

To learn more about The Mine Company, visit or contact Kerry O'Donoghue directly at

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