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26 Unique And Different Wedding Ideas

26 Unique And Different Wedding Ideas

You will remember your wedding day for the rest of your life, but it’s often the smallest and unexpected details that will make your day most memorable.

We have selected our current top 26 unique wedding ideas that will help transform your day from being a great wedding to being the most talked about and unforgettable event ever.

1. Bring Your Guests Closer

Why not change the seating style from formal straight rows and have the chairs set in a circular pattern around you, it can not only make you more visible to all the guests but make everyone feel more included, and the whole ceremony more intimate.

2. Ribbon Wands

Simple to make and less messy than confetti, ribbon wands can be made in any colour and fit with any theme, they can be displayed all together as a feature too. An easy craft to do at your hen party perhaps?

3. Flower Girl Keepsake

Have a message embroidered on a handkerchief or scarf.

4. Your Bouquet’s Not Just For Flowers

Pinning something to your flowers can be a lovely way of carrying something sentimental with you – a photograph of a loved one or a piece of jewellery – it can be visible or hidden discreetly in the foliage whatever feels right for you.

5. Wedding Piñata

Get your guests to write you a note for your first anniversary and use these to fill your very own piñata to open a year on from your big day.

6. Balloon Splash Canvas

If your style is original and random this one is for you – fill balloons with paint, attach them to a canvas, give your guests some darts and get them to try and burst the balloons to create a spectacular painting.

7. Read All About It….

Take a picture of the rings with a newspaper from the day of your wedding as a keepsake. Or, if you’d prefer something more personal, why not create your own wedding newspaper. This souvenir wedding newspaper can be customised with your wedding photos and your vows!

8. Table Names To Keep Your Guests In The Groove

Give each table a song name or lyric and when that song plays everyone at that table has to get up and dance.

9. Sole Messages

Have the groom or bridesmaids write a message to the bride on the bottom of her shoe on the morning of the wedding. It’s said that whoever’s name does not wear off by the end of the night is the next to get married!

10. Take Away

You’ve had a beautiful cake created but some of your guests couldn’t eat another thing – make sure you have some boxes that can hold a slice or two for your guests to take some home so it doesn’t go to waste. This one can be personalised with your names and wedding date!

11. Munchie Attack

It’s been a long day so make sure that you have some nibbles on hand to keep everyone’s energy levels high so they can keep on dancing!

12. Something For The Morning After

Create some fun but practical hangover kits to give away to guests as they leave. This handy kit comes with handmade chocolate, hangover rescue tea and some special party on pick me up oil to help you through the morning after!

13. Something That Sparkles Apart From The Ring

Create a great photo opportunity and give everyone a sparkler when it gets dark.

14. Anyone For A Favour?

Long gone are the days of giving a few sugared almonds – the more thoughtful or practical wedding favours, the more memorable they will be. From bespoke soaps, sunglasses for those glorious summer days, wraps to keep the chill off when the weather turns cooler, to these flip flops for those whose high heels have been discarded …the list is endless.

15. Herbetti

If you’re into ‘growing your own’ or cooking and want to keep your day as environmentally friendly as possible why not try herbs as an alternative to petals, or a mixture of both.

16. Wedding Crèche

Keeping the kids entertained, and the parents (and for that matter the other guests!) relaxed, is really important and so if you have lots of children attending it’s a good idea to hire a babysitter and set aside a room where the children can go to relax, play and take a nap. Make sure you have some games and activities, appropriate to their ages, available too.

17. Snailmail

Most couples receive a few cards on their wedding day and having somewhere to keep and store them can often be overlooked. Keep a lookout for old post boxes or kids toys that you can make a feature out of and that is easy for guests to find in the venue.

18. Wedding Artists

From sketches, caricatures, to large scale oil paintings, the sky’s the limit with the kind of work that can be created by artists and craftsmen before, during, or after your wedding.

19. It Doesn’t Have To Be A Book….

As an alternative to the classic guestbook why not give your guests something else to write on, perhaps create a website for guests to upload messages to – if you play games try Jenga blocks or a pack of cards or get them to write on the border for a photo frame then print the best group shot you can from the wedding. We love this idea of every guest writing their name or a short message on a wooden heart and creating a piece of art work out of it. Such a fantastic record of everyone who came and their messages to you.

20. Yes Your Guests Can Be Florists

On your way up the aisle why not ask the guests at the ends of each row to each hand you a flower and create your bouquet as you go, this works particularly well if the bride is not been given away by anyone. The Essex Occasions company have some fantastic floral decorations, here you could advise guests to each takes a flower upon entering to help create that guest-made bouquet.

21. Love letters Straight To Your Heart

Why not use any love letters you sent each other to make some beautiful paper flowers that you can keep forever.

22. Chalk Is Not Just For Kids

You can paint virtually any flat surface with chalkboard paint – go to charity shops and search out items that you can make into great signs. Paint add some funky handwriting and they will look great.

24. Four Legged Friends

Although animals would be a no no to most, some of us are so close to our pets it seems a shame they miss out on a party. Although they may not be the centre of attention they will certainly appreciate any fuss made of them.

25. Keep Dancing

From bespoke flip flops to cool Converse, make sure you have some comfortable dancing shoes to replace the heels you have been wearing all day.

26. Say It With Lanterns!

Your bridesmaids don’t have to carry flowers; they could carry feathers, fans or parasols or if you have an evening wedding how about some beautiful lanterns.

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